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Common Divorce Mistakes

Posted in Divorce on Friday, Febuary 1st 2019

Divorce is a painful process. When a marriage deteriorates to the point of divorce, it is emotional and stressful for both parties and working through the process is often quite difficult. Avoiding common divorce mistakes can alleviate some of that stress and put you in a more favorable position for your life post-divorce... Read More

What Is a Postnuptial Agreement?

Posted in Family Law on Tuesday, January 22nd 2019

The words “prenuptial agreement” are familiar to most people – they are the legal documents that are entered into by two people before they get married. But what about a postnuptial agreement? You may know that “pre” means before and “post” means after, but still wonder what the purpose is of an agreement that is written after you get married... Read More

How Does Divorce Affect an Estate Plan?

Posted in Family Law on Monday, September 10th 2018

Divorce affects many aspects of your life, from decisions regarding custody of children to who gets to keep the house. A frequently overlooked result of divorce is its impact on your estate plan. Any time there is a major life change – such as divorce – estate plans must be reviewed and updated to reflect those changes... Read More