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Common Divorce Mistakes

Common Divorce Mistakes

New Jersey family lawyers effectively guide couples through divorce process

Divorce is a painful process. When a marriage deteriorates to the point of divorce, it is emotional and stressful for both parties and working through the process is often quite difficult. Avoiding common divorce mistakes can alleviate some of that stress and put you in a more favorable position for your life post-divorce. The family lawyers at Lomurro Law understand the challenges couples face when they choose to divorce, and our skilled divorce attorneys guide couples through every aspect of the divorce process to reach the best possible outcome in each situation.

Not considering mediation

Contrary to what is depicted on television and in the movies, not every divorce proceeding needs to be contentious. While many couples disagree on issues that arise, some couples can find a middle ground and resolve their differences without heading to court. Don’t make the mistake of not considering mediation if there is any possibility that you and your spouse can agree on some aspects of your divorce. Mediation is an affordable, effective approach that allows both parties to discuss their concerns and work together to find mutual agreement.

Using social media to vent about your spouse

During a divorce, it is not uncommon for many spouses to take to social media to complain about their spouse or lament the divorce process. Don’t. Everything you post on social media can be used against you in court, to demonstrate that you have anger issues, you are an irresponsible parent, or the like. So refrain from sharing details of your divorce and use good judgement in all of your online correspondence.

Letting anger and emotion take over

Your state of mind when making key decisions is critical. Do not agree to anything while you are angry, frustrated, or emotional. Many spouses say “yes” to terms of their divorce because they want the process to be over. And many of those individuals regret that decision a few weeks later, when the reality of what they agreed to sinks in. Other spouses refuse to agree to certain terms for the sole reason of punishing the other spouse. Surround yourself with supportive family members or friends during this process, and seek the counsel of an experienced divorce attorney whose judgement you trust.

Unrealistic expectations of life post-divorce

Many divorcing spouses envision a life post-divorce that is carefree and fun. That’s not to say that life post-divorce cannot be fulfilling and rewarding. It can. But it is important to make sure that your expectations of life post-divorce are realistic and aligned with some of the decisions you make in the divorce process. If, for example, you have fought to remain in your house, be sure you have considered the financial ramifications of that decision and how that may affect your post-divorce lifestyle. You and your ex will now need separate insurance policies for home and car, which also is an additional expense. So take a close look at your financial situation so you can best prepare for life post-divorce.

Compassionate counsel every step of the way

At Lomurro Law, we understand the challenges facing couples when they divorce. Our experienced Monmouth County New Jersey divorce attorneys are by your side through every step of the process, advising, explaining, and working with you to reach the most favorable outcome in your situation. To arrange a confidential consultation with a member of our team, contact our office at 732-414-0300 or online. We serve all of Monmouth County, including Asbury Park, Long Branch, Freehold Township, and Wall Township.