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Child Custody Blog

Can the Court (or the Other Parent) Force Me to Get My Child Vaccinated?

Posted in Custody on Friday, July 9th 2021

As a parent, your primary concern is protecting your children. Unfortunately, in cases of divorce or when couples are unmarried, this could put you at odds with others involved... Read More

Child Custody Affect Who Gets Stimulus Check?

Posted in Custody on Thursday, June 24th 2021

Families were hit hard during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stimulus payments sent out through the federal governments were designed to help in relieving financial pressures. However, for parents who are divorced and have a child custody and support order issued through the New Jersey courts, it may have created additional controversy... Read More

Who is Right in Child Custody Battles Over the Vaccine?

Posted in Custody on Wednesday, April 14th 2021

As if the COVID-19 pandemic itself is not enough to worry about, many divorced co-parents are having a hard time reaching an agreement regarding the vaccine for their children. In fact, according to a study cited by The New York Times, only three in 10 parents said they would vaccinate their kids from COVID-19 right away, while 26% of the surveyed parents said they would want to see if the vaccine is effective before their kids get vaccinated... Read More