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Monmouth County Alimony Attorneys

As experienced alimony attorneys, we can assist you in getting the maximum amount you are entitled to in your divorce settlement.

Going through a divorce is a life altering experience. In addition to the emotional impact you are likely to suffer, it can put both your current and future financial security in jeopardy. At Lomurro Law, we know that it can be particularly hard in cases in which one spouse depended on the other’s income. As experienced Monmouth County alimony attorneys, you can count on our decades of experience to help you get the alimony you are entitled to in your divorce settlement.

We Defend Your Rights to Alimony in Monmouth County Divorce Cases

In any divorce case, those involved are likely to feel apprehensive about resuming life as a single person. If you did not work during your marriage or relied on your spouse’s income for living costs and expenses, the prospect of going it alone can be daunting. At Lomurro Law, we held to defend your rights and your financial interests in these types of cases. Under the New Jersey Statutes, you may be entitled to spousal support or alimony as part of your divorce settlement.

As experienced Monmouth County alimony attorneys, we represent you in court hearings and in negotiations with your spouse and their attorney. Our legal expertise in these matters helps to ensure you get the amount of financial support you deserve. Factors a judge is likely to consider in awarding alimony in your case include:

● Each spouse’s current income and earning potential;

● Any career or educational sacrifices you made in support of your partner or in raising children from the marriage;

● The manner of living you and your spouse enjoyed during your time together;

● Whether your spouse depleted marital assets due to marital misconduct, such as wasting money on affairs or addictions;

Get the Alimony You Need to Recover From Divorce

As part of your divorce case, both you and your partner will be required to issue financial affidavits through the New Jersey Court. This details the total amount of individual and marital assets you possess, which a judge will consider when making an alimony award.

Getting what you are entitled to in these proceedings has a major impact on your divorce recovery. Alimony can maintain your financial security in the following types of situations:

● If you are unable to work due to health conditions or while taking care of your children;

● If you need to gain the skills, experience, or education needed to re-enter the workforce;

● If your spouse makes considerably more than you and you require alimony to maintain the standard of living you enjoyed during your marriage.

Reach Out to Our Monmouth County Alimony Attorneys

Alimony can help offset financial struggles you are likely to experience in the aftermath of a divorce. At Lomurro Law, we are here to help you get the maximum amount to which you are entitled. To discuss the options in your case, reach out and contact our New Jersey alimony attorneys to schedule a confidential consultation today.