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Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial Agreements

Our Monmouth County, NJ prenuptial agreement attorneys at the office of Lomurro Law can assist you in forming or enforcing a prenuptial agreement. Reach out to our team directly today to learn more.

Making the decision to get married often involves feelings of hope, excitement, and gleeful anticipation about the future. In addition to the emotions that accompany marriage, though, a marriage may also be practical; indeed, marriage provides legal protections and benefits that may not be conferred upon a couple otherwise.

For those couples who are as logical and practical as they are romantic, forming a prenuptial agreement prior to the marriage can be a wise decision. At the law offices of Lomurro Law, our prenuptial agreement attorneys serving clients in Monmouth County and surrounding areas of our state can help.

Elements of a Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements are used to provide protections to both parties in a marriage should the marriage end in divorce or should one of the parties die during the course of the marriage. While signing a prenuptial agreement does not mean the parties hope for divorce, it does put a plan of action in place should the marriage fail. It also may be used to outline some of the rights and responsibilities of each spouse during the course of the marriage. Provisions that may be included in a prenuptial agreement include:

Note that for the most part, prenuptial agreements are designed to address financial matters between a couple. They cannot be used to discuss things like child custody or support.

Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement

Creating a prenuptial agreement has many benefits. Prenuptial agreements offer protections for both spouses, ensuring that a family business stays within the family, that the debts of one spouse do not burden the other, that children from a previous marriage are provided for, and more. Prenuptial agreements can also mean less conflict at the time of divorce because many of the issues in the divorce will have already been decided. Couples with prenups in place will not need to argue about things like property division and alimony.

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