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Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Our New Jersey family law attorneys can help you in creating pre- or postnuptial agreements that help to protect the interests of both parties in your marriage.

In the excitement of announcing your intention to get married, it is easy to overlook practical matters that could impact you after your wedding day. Prenuptial agreements often get a bad rap, but they provide a way to ensure that both you and your partner are protected while laying the groundwork for open, honest discussions about money. As experienced Monmouth County family law attorneys, Lomurro Law provides the trusted guidance and support you need in creating these agreements. We can also help in creating postnuptial agreements that serve the same purpose and can protect you in the event that marital problems lead to a reconciliation. 

The Advantages of a Prenuptial Agreement in New Jersey

Engaged couples are often reluctant to bring up the issue of a prenuptial agreement for fear that it indicates some sort of doubt on their part regarding the future of the marriage. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, going through the process of creating a prenuptial agreement can actually strengthen the bond you and your future spouse share by revealing attitudes toward money and encouraging communications.

Disagreements over financial matters are one of the leading causes of marital strife and are often a contributing factor in divorce proceedings. At Lomurro Law, our Monmouth County family law attorneys can guide you in addressing important issues regarding savings, spending, and lifestyle goals. Under the New Jersey Statutes, financial matters which can be addressed in a prenuptial agreement include:

Prenuptial agreements cannot unfairly favor or benefits one party over the other. Nor can they deal with issues regarding the custody or support of any children of the marriage.

Creating a Postnuptial Agreement

If you did not take the time to create a prenuptial agreement prior to your marriage, our Monmouth County family law attorneys can guide you in creating one afterward. At Lomurro law, we use postnuptial agreements to help clients in the following ways:

Forbes advises that postnuptial agreements can be particularly useful in cases in which a couple was on the verge of divorce and decided to reconcile. It can lay the groundwork for moving forward in the relationship while ensuring the rights of a wronged spouse are protected.

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