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Grandparents’ Rights

Monmouth County Grandparents’ Rights Attorneys

When family disputes and child custody issues threaten your relationships with children, our Monmouth County grandparents’ rights attorneys provide the trusted legal guidance you need.

Grandparents and grandchildren enjoy a special bond that is unlike any other. Unfortunately, family disputes and issues concerning child custody arrangements can interfere with this relationship. In these situations, Lomurro Law acts as a trusted legal advocate on your side. As experienced New Jersey grandparents’ rights attorneys, we provide the caring support and professional representation you need to defend your rights in the Monmouth County family courts.

Grandparents’ Rights in New Jersey

Parents can fail to appreciate the unique gifts that grandparents offer their children. This is not uncommon in cases in which relationships are strained or there are custody issues as the result of a divorce or separation. Problems with the parents can jeopardize the rights of grandparents and their ability to play an active role in their grandchildren’s lives. Depending on the circumstances in your particular case, the law may be on your side.

Under Section 9:2-7.1 of the New Jersey Statutes, grandparents may file an application for visitation rights with the court if they are currently being denied by the parents. At Lomurro Law, our Monmouth County grandparents rights attorneys provide the professional legal representation you need in these types of hearings. Factors a judge will consider in awarding visitation to grandparents include:

● The current and previous relationship between you and the child;

● The current situation involving the parents and your relationship with them;

● The amount of time which has elapsed since your last visitation or contact with the child;

● Whether awarding grandparent visitation is in the child’s best interests.

How Our Monmouth County Grandparents Rights Attorneys can Help You

As experienced New Jersey family law attorneys, Lomurro Law is uniquely suited to helping you resolve issues in the Monmouth County Family Court. Our legal expertise and years of experience help ensure your case is handled in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

We provide professional legal guidance to defend your rights to visitation with your grandchild. In cases in which parents are either unwilling or unable to provide for their children, we can also assist you in obtaining legal custody and child support. Efforts we make on your behalf include:

● Thoroughly reviewing all aspects of your case and explaining how the law is likely to apply;

● Gathering the evidence needed to support your claims;

● Filing the appropriate legal documents in court and representing you at hearings;

● Negotiating on your behalf with the parents, social service agencies, or other parties involved;

● Making strong arguments before the judge in order to obtain a court order in your case.

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